All Things Happen For A Reason….

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Wow, it has been a Looooooong time since I’ve been on my website.

Does it mean I have been sat on my arse?… it hasn’t !!

I have learnt SO much in the past 9 months it is quite scary when I look back.

All the changes started when I stepped outside of my comfort zone & took a trip to Manchester to an Internet marketing ‘get together’/conference that was attended by some of the P2S lot….

I booked a hotel & took a train to Manchester knowing nobody whatsoever. Two nights.

I took myself off to the conference; looking back, I cringe a bit; I was trying to work out what I was going to wear for a start… smart casual? etc etc….you know what it’s like going into a totally new environment, you try and guess/judge what is respectable; you want to fit it & definitely don’t want to stick out !!

Well, as always, learning curves have to experienced in order to be learned – but in a nutshell – just wear what you want !!!!! – nobody gives a toss. There was some proper odd balls there & short of wearing a full blown Elvis costume & assigned myself to only talking in an ‘Elvis’ accent, nobody would have taken a blind bit of notice !!

As an industry, I shouldn’t have been surprised really…..let’s face, very few people start off a carer in IM, so most people will have had various years of working for others, wearing suits & being told what to do – isn’t this why so many mid life crisis end up into a little jaunt into the ‘World Of The Internet’ !?!?! – So why, if you go down that route, would give a sh*t what you wear !?!?!?

The few days were a real eye opener……some people that you wanted to have faith in gave you no faith at all. Some people were great & made the effort. Some people were just full of it. Some people thought they were selling rather than teaching. They was a real mix of people.

Out of what wasn’t a great experience to be honest, came a ‘chance’ meeting with another attendee from the same course (like I say, all things happen for a reason)…..we ‘bunked’ off the afternoon lecture on the 2nd day & went wandering into Manchester sharing ideas & stories of what we did, have tried, bought & invested in – lol, no we weren’t hand in hand skipping through leaves!!

Anyway, this meeting was 9 months ago & were have moved onward’s & upwards…..we have a company now & speak most days on Skype  what is next, what else we are going to test etc… is a far from the World that I took a sneak peak into & one I am happy with & morally comfortable in….

…..but back to the moral of the story – all things happen for a reason – you may not think it at the time but it does……it’s funny how things work out….

Thanks for reading & I will now endeavor to update my blog with things I find of interest that others will hopefully find useful….

Nigel Griffiths.

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