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WordPress Backup – Automatic & Awesome!

Hi there & welcome…

I have been playing around with a LOT of plugins in the last few weeks! – for all sorts of things – trying to make my website faster etc.

The one thing I did notice was that there are a great deal of plugins available & the large majority are pretty poor & don’t really do what they say.


Every now & again you stumble across one that ‘Does what it says on the Tin’ & more besides & this post is about one of them!

UpdraftPlus – Link to the Plugin Website

The good news is that it is FREE ! – There is Premium version but you don’t need it for just the general backup’s (Premium is about £40). This would be good if you have a lot of similar websites so you can clone them & change accordingly.

Like I said in the video – I have the back up files going to my Dropbox account – which is also FREE – Bonus !! The free account is just over 5GB which is more than ample to store all the backups.

The great thing about this plugin, apart from the fact that it does it all automatically, is that it backs up all your plugins from that site.

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling & let you watch the video! – Please feel free to leave comments below – Cheers!!



Banners – How I Add Them….

Hi there…

Today I wanted to show you how I add Banners (& other graphics) to my website.

This method I picked up a few months ago & find it simple, very flexible & makes everything easier in the long run.

Rather than trying to describe it, I have made 2 video’s for your ‘Viewing Pleasure’ !!! Wehay !!

As outlined in the video’s, this method gives the following advantages:

1. You always have the banners on your website.
2. You can make sure they all open in a new window/tab (if required).
3. You have control over the size of them.
4. It makes it straightforward to disguise the affiliate links
5. You have total control as to how the links show up on your website.


Video 1 – Adding Banners (more control & flexibility)


Video 2 – Disguising Ugly Links


So that is the basics which should get you on your way……there are other tips & tricks using this method that are very useful which I will do another video about in the coming weeks….but for now, see how you get on with this & let me know if it helps!

As you will have noticed, the banner I set up in the above video’s  isn’t on my website anymore…it is just because I did no research on it & have no idea if I would want to promote it, it was just used ‘for show’.

Just drop me a line below & lets get discussing !

Thanks for watching!



How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 4

Finally, the last instalment in this series. So let get cracking.


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 3


Lesson 10 – Where is your money going?

A common scenario in the IM World seems to be someone finally getting a profitable campaign & the next thing you know, their lifestyle has increased 10 fold!

But what happens…a new car is leased, a new house, vacations & designer clothes.

Before they know it, their main campaign dies & they can’t get it back on track. So with all the bills that come from an ‘inflated lifestyle’ they find themselves back in a 9-5 job.

This is where a principle of ‘money momentum’ affects people psychologically. If you have money coming in & you are testing, you can ‘afford’ to lose money if overall you are profitable.

When money is coming in, you can take more risks & some of those risks will pay off.

But some people will live off the successful campaign until it dies…then they will start testing, this means that the losses they are making whilst testing are far more emotional.

Get the money right, invest in your business, get the best you can, strive for something sustainable…..then, & only then, look at the luxury lifestyle.

I totally agree with the above point. Invest in your business, then save for a ‘rainy day’ & then treat yourself! In that order.

You never know what is around the corner. Especially in this business, things fundamentally change on a month by month basis rather than annually & you never know when the plug will be pulled on what has been working for you.


Lesson 11 – Imitate, then Innovate

A great learning technique is modelling, which is basically imitating success.

This doesn’t mean straight up copy someone’s Ad’s, Landing Page etc…just look for inspiration & improve from there.

Once you understand the basics, then it’s time to get creative. Innovation pays.

If you hit on an interesting angle, you have ‘first movers’ advantage & can reap huge profits.

Like a lot of people reading this, I have heard over & over again….”You don’t have to re-invent the wheel”. Just find something that is working/selling & make it better.

‘Better’ can be seen from many different ‘angles’, it doesn’t just mean content:



The list goes on….do it your way & with your ‘twist’ to it.


Lesson 12 – Adapt or Die

The IM industry is always changing. A year in this industry is like 3 in another. Some landing pages that did work a few years ago, won’t work today. Offers that were huge 6 months ago, are now gone. It is the nature of the beast.

The most important thing to do is focus on the fundamentals! IM is just combining an angle with a traffic source with an offer & split testing it until it’s profitable.

New media and offers will come & go….but the fundamentals will always remain the same!!

Well there you go folks, the last of the instalments from these IM lessons. I enjoyed it when I first read it & it hit home and made me realise that this is a real business with many many challenges….but that is why I love it.

I think it also hit home that IM is still just a ‘normal’ business & is no different in principle to any ‘bricks & mortar’ business…..they have to be run in the right way to make money. The internet can make it easier in theory but just as much time, effort & dedication is required to make something online work as it does to make a shop successful.

So what did you think of the series? Did you enjoy it? Please feel free to let me know & drop me a line, it would be great to hear from you!!

Thanks for reading.

OptimizePress 2 – Featured Image

I have always found that I engage more on websites & especially blogs, when there are picture in the mix.

I personally am immediately put off from an article if there is just a massive big block of text!…..ironically at the end of it, it could have the meaning of life & the key to always looking 20….I would miss it !!

I just think this is the way things are going. We are so pressured with time & getting things done that some of us have become skimmers.


Your Visual ‘Breather’

So now, more than ever, I think pictures are important to people, especially when reading blogs….either just to give a visual clue as to what an article is about….or a visual ‘breather’ whilst we go through a longer article.

To this end I have been looking into & investigating adding ‘Featured Images’ in Optimize Press 2.

The reason being, is that this not only displays an image at the beginning of your post to welcome your reader…..but, somewhat more importantly, this image is shown next to your blog post on the Home Page when it becomes an older post.

This helps make your blog more colourful & inviting. It also helps those who will skim down looking for pictures & headlines that they are interested in or catch their eye.

Now given all I have said above, I doubt the majority of you have read my ramblings & instead just looked at the pictures above & then clicked ‘Play’ on the YouTube clip!! Shame on you!! (but obviously I wouldn’t be surprised!).

Anyway, below is a short video tutorial about adding ‘Featured Images’ in OptimizePress 2 & also how to easily scale them.


Pretty straightforward I think you will agree?

In my humble opinion, I just think that this makes blogs look so more inviting & professional.

What are your thoughts? Have you discovered anything that I’ve missed? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading/watching.


The basic ‘How’ of HootSuite – Social Media made Easier?

A while ago I signed up for a HootSuite account.

The scary thing is that I had never heard of it before & used it for some backlinking ‘Sparkly Tool’ that I had bought. I have only just realised what it is for.

If you follow the above link it will take you to the FREE account where you get to play with 5 social media accounts. Most links you find on Google try to get you into a free 30 day trial of the Pro Version.

The 1st thing to realise is that it is 5 individual accounts i.e. 1 of your pages on Facebook counts as one rather than your entire Facebook portfolio.

The free one is what I have got at present, just to play around with & see if it is something that is worthy of the investment of £7.99 per month for the PRO version. This gives you up to 50 ‘accounts’.

Rather than ramble on, I thought I would take this opportunity to record a video showing you what I have discovered about it & the few things I have learnt in this very short time of ‘playing’.

Bare with me!, this will be no polished performance! I am new to this bit of software but thought this would be good practice on a whole host of levels!

Brace yourself!!

 HootSuite – Free Account

HootSuite – Adding Accounts

HootSuite – Adding Streams

HootSuite – Composing Messages

HootSuite Free – Link for basic package of 5 Social Media ‘Accounts’

….for users requiring more than 5 social media accounts, click the banner below for the 30 Day Free trial of HootSuite Pro

HootSuite: Manage and Measure your Social Media

So did this help? Does anybody else use this bit of software? if so, are there any hints & tips you would like to share.

Thanks for reading/watching!

Cheers. Nigel

Categories in WordPress – Bulk Changes (& more)

Until about an hour ago I was under the impression that each post could be assigned 1 category. But this is incorrect! & in fact in the past I have often had the dilemma as to which category to put a post in when it could quite easily go in 2 (or more).

So why did I never try ticking more than 1 box!!!

This lead me to a conclusion (1.) & a discovery (2.):

1. Don’t Assume Anything! – This is probably the most important realisation. As human’s I think we tend to assume way too much & would rather muddle along instead of asking the question. Why would have I assumed this?

2. How to add various posts to another category (& more)

Basically, if you go to your ‘All Posts’ page, under each post there is an option of ‘Quick Edit’. This then allows you to do the following:

a) Change the post name
b) Change the post date
c) Add/Remove the post to various categories
d) Slug the post (whatever that means!? – I can see some more investigation ahead)
e) Tag’s
f) Change the posts status – published/draft/pending review
g) Allow/Deny Comments [tickbox]
h) Allow/Deny Pings [tickbox}
i) Make the post ‘Sticky’

I have been using WordPress for years & never knew this….I had seen ‘Quick Edit’ from day 1, but never investigated it & can only assume I became blind to it.

Aaaaaahhhh the good old human brain!!

It would have saved me hours over the years not having to go into each individual post. Doh !!

Oh well. On the bright side, I have saved hours going forward & hopefully, if you are reading this & didn’t know either I will have save you time also!.

So come on! Confession time….what have you sussed recently that you really should have known ages ago? Drop me a line.

Thanks for reading!

Google Content Experiments – UPDATE


I spoke too soon !

The Experiment seems to have been set up perfectly & seemed to be working….BUT.

The traffic figures just didn’t add up! Clicky showed just 17 visitors to the SleepingDen website for Friday 14th Feb, with the same set up in terms of advertising I had been seeing well over 100 visitors a day!

The weirdest thing was that none of the traffic I was getting from Facebook was showing up in Clicky & also the traffic from YouTube.

I don’t really have any explanation for this & despite trying to figure it out I just dumped the ‘Content Experiment’ & went back to using Clicky……this seems to have sorted the issue & now all the traffic is being logged again.

The other issue with the Google Analytics set up is that when it splits the traffic between the 2 pages, the ‘tracking’ code is just imppossible to decipher:


So you have no idea which page people are directed to & the same goes with the /GO set up, so there was no tracking of the clicks to the order page.

Pointless. So was dumped.

I may revisit in the future.

Setting up emails on iPhone (IMAP/POP)

I have done this before & all was fine…..this time I seemed to have a few difficulties.

So, due to this blog, I thought I would write it down so I will know next time.


Host Name: This is the name of the server you use –

Username: This is the email address you are using –

Password: This is the password that you set up in C-Panel when setting up the email address.

Outgoing Server – Same as above

Go with IMAP over POP

Use SSL….this is apparently more secure.

The Server Ports should be set up automatically.

NOW THE CLINCHER – This is what I had problems with…..on the iPhone, for the outgoing server, in theory you don’t have to enter the details of Username & Password as it says ‘Not Essential’ or ‘Not Required’

……that is rubbish!! Once I entered them in again, it all worked well.

To get all the relevant details from C-Panel, do the following:

1. C-Panel
2. Go To ‘Email Accounts’
3. Scroll Down –
4. On the right of the email account is a drop down that say’s ‘MORE’
5. Click Configure Email Account
6. Scroll down & you will see ‘Manual Settings’  – That is where all the information you need is.


Clicky Plugin by Yoast

Ha Ha !!

Well, you’ve got to laugh…..haven’t you!

Good old SEO Yoast they do a WP plugin bringing Clicky into WordPress……

Clicky Plugin by Yeost

Clicky is just another ‘version’ of Google Analytic’s. It is often used by affiliates as they want to track their site’s traffic BUT don’t want to be part of the whole ‘Google Circus’ !! I have been using them for months (& Google analytic’s…go figure!) & they are great. I have asked them a few questions & their reply’s have been personal, same day & very useful…….ironically, all but the YouTube question would have been solved by using this plugin!!

What does this mean?

It means no more p*ssing about with code. You just enter your Site ID, Site Key & Site Admin Key into the plugin & away you go!!

It even give you an option for tracking the redirect i.e. /GO/Affiliate Site.

Now I have spent many hours getting this sussed & find out it can be done by a Plugin!!

Well, I don’t really care. That was a learning code worth being on.

The only thing (I think!), it doesn’t track is people watching YouTube video’s……BUT I maybe wrong. Not sure how I will find out……but again….at least I now know how to do it.

The code for tracking embedded YouTube vid’s in Clicky is as follows:

<script src=’//‘></script>

<script src=’//‘></script>

Google Content Experiments & Google Analytics

This is a ‘Work in Progress’ update….I wait to see if it’s worked.

This has been set up on

I wanted to split the traffic 50/50 to see which layout worked better……& in the future, so change all sorts *****

I had been using ‘Split Star’ from The Trinity Code course I did…..& SS is shite!, it doesn’t split the traffic (I can see via Clicky) & the stats in SS are just not the same as Clicky….& I know who I trust more!!

So a quest… find a way of doing it. Then discovered that you can do this via Google Analytics – Content Experiments.

I set up analytic’s on SleepingDen as it hadn’t been done & then followed the step by step guide found on this website/link

I also used the WP Plugin to help add the code to the website…..but it didn’t work!! I tried all sorts…..then result, as follows:


1. Google Analytics
2. Select the website
3. Reporting Tab
4. Behaviour Tab on left – The Experiments
5. Create Experiment
6. Follow the steps  – Add the URL’s of the 2 pages & what your parameters are.
7. Then you get the code
8. This was where I was having a nightmare!! – You Need a Plugin:

WP Content Experiments & Event Tracking

9. This then prompt you to add another ‘plugin’/configuration:

Google Analytics for WordPress

This then links this bit of software to your Google analytics page/code. You grant access & then pick the right analytics account. This also means you don’t have to piss about trying to paste the code in the right place.
This bit of software is produced by SEO Yoast…..& I think I am now a convert to the SEO plugin over ‘All in One SEO’…..

10. So when the experiment is set up you need to paste some code into the site…..this is where the 1st plugin come in. Go to the ‘original’ page & you will see a box below the content…..paste the code only into this one!

11. Now go to the other/others pages & tick the box below the content…..BUT DON’T !! add the code.

12. Now go back to the Google Experiment tab & click ‘Revalidate’ & it should find all the code & start splitting the traffic! Boooooof !!

13. Also, in the Analytics plugin, there is an option to track inbound links as outbound…….this is where the whole ‘Clicky’ stuff comes & redirects.
You basically add the /GO/ to this so it tracks whatever this link is….the same way as I have done to get clicky to track clicks to the SW order page

This in theory works & has been set up……I shall update on this as I find out !!

A complicated day……but I do feel that I have achieved something that will be useful going forward!!…..& I am done with ‘Shit Star’. TFFT !!


* Page with No Ad’s v Ad’s
* Change the wording
* Text Links v’s Buttons
* Change the Headline
* Change Video
* Change Video Position

…..etc etc etc….