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Page One Engine Bonus – How Things Change

How things change…

If 18 months ago you would have told me that I would have had a business partner, a thriving SEO agency & be part of one of the biggest IM launches of all time & be in a position to offer a Page One Engine Bonus I would have politely told you to ‘Do One!’

….but if you put the work in (& boy have we), it is amazing to see what you can achieve!

I am a firm believer in ‘What goes around comes around’ and as usual, it hasn’t let me down……that is not to say that I didn’t doubt it at times, you just need to keep plugging away.

What does make a massive difference is having a business partner – & a good one! I met Keith Dean about 15 months ago at a marketing seminar in Manchester, UK and to be honest we haven’t looked back since!

We have dabbled in a huge number of different projects/ideas…..some of them ‘didn’t have legs’, some we got bored of….but each step of the way we learned something new, gained experience & worked better & better together.


Jumping To Present Day – Page One Engine Bonus

Page One Engine BonusWithout boring you with all the details in between, we are now involved in what is likely to be the biggest IM launch of all time – Dori Friend’s Page One Engine

We have provided a whole module in the ‘Advanced Tactics’ Section all to do with Link Building. We now have a website that goes into far more details about this – – Feel free to head over there & sign up to our mailing list, we have a LOT of things lined up for this site & are committed to providing quality content at all times.

Currently we have a whole page which outlines all the software we use & what it does – over time we will be adding a page devoted to all these software’s with an over the shoulder look at what it does, how we use it & how we set it up – – What Tools Keith & Nigel Use

Back to the course – there is a free E-Book that explains all about the course – but mostly, it is a fantastic starting point for anyone undertaking their first step in Internet Marketing – “Where The Big Dogs Roam“. It is over 60 pages of good content.

The book will be available – FREE- for 8 days only….as I write this (21st June 2015) the link is not ‘live’, I understand it goes live tomorrow – 22nd June 2015 & then it will be available until 30th June, then after this it will cost – So don’t delay, just get your free copy ASAP…..

I have seen the book (as Keith & I are in it!)  – Chapter 17 is all about us!

Due to the nature of these launches, we have also provided a Page One Engine Bonus for whoever purchases the course through our link – This will be a workshop that we will provide free  – Value of £997. More details are available on our YouTube video:

Anyway, watch this space – I will endeavour to update my blog as things ‘pan out’ over the coming month or so…

Cheers! – Nigel