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How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 4

Finally, the last instalment in this series. So let get cracking.


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 3


Lesson 10 – Where is your money going?

A common scenario in the IM World seems to be someone finally getting a profitable campaign & the next thing you know, their lifestyle has increased 10 fold!

But what happens…a new car is leased, a new house, vacations & designer clothes.

Before they know it, their main campaign dies & they can’t get it back on track. So with all the bills that come from an ‘inflated lifestyle’ they find themselves back in a 9-5 job.

This is where a principle of ‘money momentum’ affects people psychologically. If you have money coming in & you are testing, you can ‘afford’ to lose money if overall you are profitable.

When money is coming in, you can take more risks & some of those risks will pay off.

But some people will live off the successful campaign until it dies…then they will start testing, this means that the losses they are making whilst testing are far more emotional.

Get the money right, invest in your business, get the best you can, strive for something sustainable…..then, & only then, look at the luxury lifestyle.

I totally agree with the above point. Invest in your business, then save for a ‘rainy day’ & then treat yourself! In that order.

You never know what is around the corner. Especially in this business, things fundamentally change on a month by month basis rather than annually & you never know when the plug will be pulled on what has been working for you.


Lesson 11 – Imitate, then Innovate

A great learning technique is modelling, which is basically imitating success.

This doesn’t mean straight up copy someone’s Ad’s, Landing Page etc…just look for inspiration & improve from there.

Once you understand the basics, then it’s time to get creative. Innovation pays.

If you hit on an interesting angle, you have ‘first movers’ advantage & can reap huge profits.

Like a lot of people reading this, I have heard over & over again….”You don’t have to re-invent the wheel”. Just find something that is working/selling & make it better.

‘Better’ can be seen from many different ‘angles’, it doesn’t just mean content:



The list goes on….do it your way & with your ‘twist’ to it.


Lesson 12 – Adapt or Die

The IM industry is always changing. A year in this industry is like 3 in another. Some landing pages that did work a few years ago, won’t work today. Offers that were huge 6 months ago, are now gone. It is the nature of the beast.

The most important thing to do is focus on the fundamentals! IM is just combining an angle with a traffic source with an offer & split testing it until it’s profitable.

New media and offers will come & go….but the fundamentals will always remain the same!!

Well there you go folks, the last of the instalments from these IM lessons. I enjoyed it when I first read it & it hit home and made me realise that this is a real business with many many challenges….but that is why I love it.

I think it also hit home that IM is still just a ‘normal’ business & is no different in principle to any ‘bricks & mortar’ business…..they have to be run in the right way to make money. The internet can make it easier in theory but just as much time, effort & dedication is required to make something online work as it does to make a shop successful.

So what did you think of the series? Did you enjoy it? Please feel free to let me know & drop me a line, it would be great to hear from you!!

Thanks for reading.

How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 3

And were off again….Part 3 of this series. Here are the next 3 lessons……the remaining 3 will be out over the next few days!


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 3


Lesson 7 – “I’m All In”

This is what I told myself over & over. Once I got into affiliate marketing I was going to give it everything I had – money, time & energy. Nothing else in my life mattered.

I sold everything I didn’t need. I saved wherever I could (eating in, not going out). Every dollar saved was a few more clicks for my various campaigns.

I’d spend Saturday night’s setting up campaigns instead of going to clubs. Instead of playing Xbox, I researched keywords.

Half-ass efforts gets half-ass results.

I can totally relate to what is being said here. I don’t think it is all about the money, it is the sacrifices you are prepared to make. For quite a while, if I am being honest, I drifted. It did do lots of work but it was a bit on this, here, a bit on this, there.

My issue was that at the end of the week I had the sense that I had done loads…..but I felt I had achieved very little.

I have only recently realised this & am currently remedying it. I now have a piece of paper beside me & track what I have done & the time it took; I can then look at it and see where I wasted time or got distracted.

The whole concept of “All In” is engrained in my outlook. This is what I WANT to do & by that token I HAVE to make it work. Period.


Lesson 8 – An Obsession With Learning

If you’re not learning, you’re dying.

I felt the above quote to be that important,that I picked it out & put it in red!

Research & learning is so important. There are so many good books out there that for the sake of $10 & a few hours, we can learn what took the author a decade to research.

Further than reading books; ask questions, network with people smarter than you, get a mentor, form a mastermind & attend conferences.

Learn everything about your industry.

Learn everything about your demographics. Do focus groups, read & participate in the forums, read magazines & watch commercials.

Outlearn your competition.

One of the main reasons I am loving all this at present & why it gives me a buzz & has lead me to work more hours than I have ever done, is that every day I am learning something every day & usually far more than just one thing.

These are the building blocks of knowledge in this industry. Every week goes by I add to my pot of information & every week more and more of the puzzle starts being solved.

There is no denying the puzzle is huge & constantly getting bigger & changing…..which is why the 1st sentence of this lesson is so important to remember.


Lesson 9 – Rigorous Testing

There  is always something to test; there is always something to improve.

Traffic sources, offers, images, headlines, landing pages, up sells, down sells, copy, colours, buttons, call to actions, countdown timers, bidding prices, age groups, interests, plugins……the list goes on & on.

If you can optimize properly, you will be able to make money. If you can make more than your competitors, you can spend more on traffic, products etc & reap the rewards.

In any given niche, 20% of the people are making 80% of the profits. Rigorous testing will help you get into the 20%.

I have been running various Facebook campaigns for sites that I have outside of P2S.

The testing talked about above really is important….& the scary thing is, there is SO many variables! and the only way to test properly is to change 1 or 2 things at a time…..then you have to let the campaign run for long enough so you get ‘statistically significant’ results (so not 1 day’s worth of clicks for £10!). 

The above is hard enough to do & takes considerable time. It is greatly exaggerated when each campaign is losing money whilst you are finding the formula.


So that is it for part 3. Did anything hit home? Do you do all the things he is suggesting?

Drop me a line below & share your stories.

Thanks for reading & remember to return for the 4th & final instalment of this little series.
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How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 2

Following on from where we left off….here is Part 2 of this article by Charles Ngo, coupled with my own thoughts/experiences.


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 2


Lesson 4 – Take Action & Be Relentless

Affiliate Marketing is hard to learn as there aren’t really any set blueprints to follow & therefore the failures hurt that much more.

The only real blueprint for success is to ‘attend class’ & train some more.

The reality is that you aren’t going to learn a lot from forums, e-books & blogs. Nobody is going to give too much away….why would they? Why would they want to create their own competition? A least not for free.

Making money online is a skill. It’s not one that is learnt overnight. It takes practice & a lot of failures.

Just get stuck in. Launch a campaign, learn from it, repeat. Do this over & over again until you make money.

This is what all successful people do. You will learn far more from spending $500 in various campaign than you will from spending $500 on most courses.

Everyone who is successful in this business has gone through this at some point.

I do agree with the above point’s wholeheartedly. I am doing this at present with a website that I have running outside of the P2S program. I know it will work, but my goodness is there a lot of expensive failures! But each time I dust me (& my bank account down) and try again! I will make it a success.


Lesson 5 – Drowning in Opportunity

IM is unique in some ways, in that there is not a lack of opportunities….but actually too many!

If your just starting a campaign, you’ve done your research & are all ready to go and then you hear about another opportunity that is ‘hot’, then you re-jig everything as it looks like this has more potential, or you quit halfway through your new campaign to do the same.

This is a real issue in the online World. There will always be something better lurking around the corner.

You need to set a plan & stick with it.

Learn to say ‘No’ !

Oh boy does this ring true in my experience. I work on 2 levels with this. I used to either just jump about between opportunities & never get started properly……or the alternative, which was also pointless, try & do both and end up with 2 diluted campaigns that served no purpose.


Lesson 6 – Who’s In Your Circle

You’re the equivalent of the 5 friends your closest to. Choose friends that themselves are living on the edge, facing their fears & pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Constantly give value to people without ulterior motives.

I put the above in red as I feel this is so key to making it on-line & also fits with what we are doing at P2S.

Learn to recognise the people that know their stuff & you can trust. Nurture relationships. Make friends & learn from others.

Be very aware of ‘Toxic People’. These can be described on many levels.

Avoid negative people who discourage you.
Avoid scammers & people who are going to screw you over. This fits with just taking recommendations from trusted friends etc as outlined above.
Avoid cockroaches – those that appear from nowhere when you start having success.

The above I think is more of a life lesson rather than a specific IM one. Surround yourself with positive influences. Get to know people & make friends/colleagues. Despite this industry seemingly being able to be run in 1 room sat on your backside, this is not how the real World works. Yes, connect with people on Social Media etc; but also try & actually have conversations with people & if at all possible, meet them face to face, it really does make a difference.

I think in the old days they called it networking!


So that concludes part 2 from this article, I hope you enjoyed it & are looking forward to the next instalment. What did you think? Does any of this ring true with your own experiences? Drop me a line & let me know.

Thanks for reading
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How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 1

I have decided to run a series of posts looking at some of the people I have been following in the IM World. The aim is to bring you some of their articles that I found educational/inspiring & motivational.

My first is from an affiliate marketeer called Charles NGO.

I have no recollection where I stumbled across him, but have been following him for quite a while now & all he does is just give quality content based on his own experiences.

I thought I would take one of the 1st articles of his I read & give you its basics; along with my thoughts & experiences.

I am aware that this article says it is about ‘Affiliate Marketing’, which most are involved in, his expertise is in running campaigns (CPC) on various offers over various traffic sources; this isn’t what everybody does that is reading this, but the basic principles he is talking about, I feel apply to Internet Marketing in general:


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing

Well no prizes for guessing why I read it at the time! What Newbie wouldn’t?

He talks about what I have seen/witnessed first hand in this industry; that so many people want to make a career using the internet; they start in their droves with good intentions & aspirations spurned on by all the hype & the reported ‘ease’ of making a ‘six figure’ income online!

The reality is that thousand’s try……only a handful succeed & then even fewer stay.

But the ‘Online Career Dream’ is possible, no question, there are lot of people doing it…so what makes them different from the majority that fail?

In an attempt to help you become one of the few success stories, Charles outlined 12 lessons he wished someone would have taught him when he first stated:


Lesson 1 – Get Rid Of Excuses

Don’t make excuses before you even start!

“I don’t understand programming & graphics” “I have a job & kids” “I can’t concentrate”

Many people, in far worse starting positions that you, have succeeded. Keep that in mind.

Don’t complain about a problem. Work on finding a solution.

I love this quote & can honestly say that is what I now do. There is SO much information ‘out there’ that it is very rare that you can’t find somebody that hasn’t been in the same situation before you.

I have come across hundred’s of difficulties on my journey, but have never failed to resolve them.

Google it.

Their are millions of YouTube video’s, Forum posts etc that give you answers to an impossible array of issues & you will be gob smacked as to how specific they get. I have pasted in ‘error coding’ messages into Google & found answers.

For those things that are ‘specialist’, such as graphics, look at Fiverr or oDesk. For those unaware, Fiverr is a website full of different people offering to do things for $5!….such as design a banner, do testimonial video’s, design a logo etc. It is a great cheap resource for a newbie.

The foundation behind lesson 1 is basically, the only person that is responsible for your success or failure is YOU! Nobody else; so stop looking around for a scape goat.
If you want something bad enough & are prepared to put the hours in relentlessly & make sacrifices for as long as it takes…& then after that, give that little bit more…. you will succeed.
Anything short of this is pointless.



Lesson 2 – Failing & Losing Money

A lot of people who think this industry is for them aren’t just built for it.

A lot people have a low pain threshold. It hurts them too much if they try something that fails & that is then compounded when they lose a few hundred dollars/pounds trying it.

The internet is still the ‘Real World’ despite what people think. It is still a business. You will have to spend some money to make it a success.

The reality is that you have to spend money to test nearly everything you try. It makes no sense to spend money on a campaign that eventually fails, then just quit.

This isn’t a failure, you have collected data to help with your next test. Each test & failure gets you closer & closer to Lesson 3.


Lesson 3 – It Only Takes One Campaign

Don’t keep track of how many times you have failed. Nobody else does & nobody else cares.

Keep going. Your 1st winning campaign is the catalyst & tipping point for your success.

When you feel like giving up, just know that you are one campaign away from achieving everything you wanted.

This is very true. Without getting into all the fantastic motivational quotes that are out there, keep moving forward, don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as you are learning from them.

I personally look back all the time & actually laugh. A year ago I may have been doing something that I thought was a ‘winner’ at the time, but it never worked….when I look back at that time a year on, having learnt all those lessons along the way; to be honest I often cringe at the fact that I thought it might have worked knowing what I know now.


So they are the first three lessons from the original article interlaced with my own experiences. Do any of these ring true from you as a newbie or your time as one? I shall be releasing Charles next 3 lessons in a few days time interlaced with my own thoughts & ramblings. Make sure you sign up for my blog updates, so that I can notify you when I post Part 2 of this series.

Until then, thanks for reading & please feel free to comment below or share with however you think this may interest.

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