A Rainy Friday – Not a classic

It is a very rainy February Friday & I can’t say I have achieved a lot.

It was one week ago that I started a ‘Don’t Mess Just Leave’ set up for my SleepingDen.com campaign.

I had Ad’s running for Facebook, Bing & YouTube. The same KW’s, Selects, Ad’s & Budget.

Today was the big ‘Tidy Up’ day where I looked at the results & tweaked accordingly.

FB budget got halved so we shall see what £10 for each gets me in terms of traffic. That should be interesting.

I have also set up a new A/B Google Analytic Experiment so I can track exactly.

I have also now added a ‘Trust Me’ you should do this type of ending on Page A to try & get people to take action. Will see if this works.

Test Test Test.

The rest of the day has been spent messing about & would appear to have ‘achieved’ very little.

I am now going to spend a couple of hours adding blog comments to my 4 main websites……I should also spend some more time tweaking/researching & testing the GoutCureSecrets.com website !……forgot all about that!

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