After leaving school I continued my education.

Sixth Form was next, to do ‘A’ Levels – Economics, Social Biology & Economic Geography (& no, I did not know what they were either!).

Next stop, a degree at Leicester Polytechnic  – Land Management. This was the degree especially designed to become a ‘General Practice Chartered Surveyor’.

This was where my path was heading,…were it not for the Property Crash around 1992. Those graduating a few years before were snapped up with good wages, company cars etc. On my graduation, the offers were very thin on the ground & were more like “£35 a week , Co Skateboard & a Phonecard’ !

Things were dire.

I worked for a surveyor for about a year on £100 a month!

Time for a change.

I went back to education to open my options. This time a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Marketing.

This led to a job working as a telesales person selling computers at ‘MacWarehouse’. Then a position came up in their Direct Marketing Department & I got it.

We were responsible for mailing out millions of Mac & PC catalogues all over Europe. Sound glamorous? Travelling? I never left my desk in any of the 3 offices I worked in – Rickmansworth, Kingsbury or Bracknell !

I left there when I realised that by getting up at 5am every day to beat the traffic was a waste of life….& my life was likely to end with me crashing when I fell asleep.

Next job….Direct Marketing for a Co called Worldwide Media Group.

This was great. I really enjoyed my time here, I made decent money, I travelled, I worked with great people in a small knit family run Co.

Then the owner wanted to retire & sold out to a French Co. This changed everything & within a year I decided I wanted out & would try and branch out on my own.

I did it.

It was one of the bravest & best things I ever did!

I did this in 2003. I was my own boss & loved it! There is no better feeling than not to have to answer to people, to do what you want & be in control of your own destiny.

I continued to do this for 10 years & benefitted on so many fronts.

Then about 2012 the whole Direct Marketing scene changed. My main client – Viking Direct (Office Supplies) changed the way they worked & my 15 year relationship with them ended. My other clients were also mailing less & I knew….

… was time for my next Life Change!

I realised that I had not been challenged in years. I was just going through the motions.

I realised that I did not want to give up the freedom I had enjoyed for a decade.

So I chose a new path – Internet Marketing.

This was an even tougher decision than before.

I was an expert in my field last time I went on my own. This time I was pretty much a ‘Newbie’ with various ‘dabblings’ from various courses from about 2009.

So February 2013 I did it.

I said ‘Goodbye’ to my old life & set about carving out a new one.

I spent a year on a massive learning curve which I absolutely loved! I have learnt SO much.

Like most that have gone down this route I have bought so many products from people, tried so many things, listened to so many promises & emerged out the end as someone who has served their apprenticeship & is now wide eyed……

Unlike a lot of people who think IM is for them, I have stuck with it….I am still going & have emerged out of the ‘Newbie’ Funnel.

I get it.

I have made it passed the ‘Newbie Assassins’ who try & pick you off for their own gains whilst you just end up deluded & out of pocket.

I am now currently embarking on Product Creation & want others to join me on my journey….as I learn, fail & succeed I want to pass this on.

I love this Industry & want others to succeed with me & that means not falling by the wayside like many have & will.

There is only 1 person in your life that holds all the power – You!

I realised this a long time ago & it is so so true.

If you want a life that holds great challenges & great rewards (financial & personal), where you are the only person who you take orders from……..& you are your harshest critic but also you biggest supporter…

Join Me….

Just drop me a line & I’ll genuinely try & help.

Thanks for reading…