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The basic ‘How’ of HootSuite – Social Media made Easier?

A while ago I signed up for a HootSuite account.

The scary thing is that I had never heard of it before & used it for some backlinking ‘Sparkly Tool’ that I had bought. I have only just realised what it is for.

If you follow the above link it will take you to the FREE account where you get to play with 5 social media accounts. Most links you find on Google try to get you into a free 30 day trial of the Pro Version.

The 1st thing to realise is that it is 5 individual accounts i.e. 1 of your pages on Facebook counts as one rather than your entire Facebook portfolio.

The free one is what I have got at present, just to play around with & see if it is something that is worthy of the investment of £7.99 per month for the PRO version. This gives you up to 50 ‘accounts’.

Rather than ramble on, I thought I would take this opportunity to record a video showing you what I have discovered about it & the few things I have learnt in this very short time of ‘playing’.

Bare with me!, this will be no polished performance! I am new to this bit of software but thought this would be good practice on a whole host of levels!

Brace yourself!!

 HootSuite – Free Account

HootSuite – Adding Accounts

HootSuite – Adding Streams

HootSuite – Composing Messages

HootSuite Free – Link for basic package of 5 Social Media ‘Accounts’

….for users requiring more than 5 social media accounts, click the banner below for the 30 Day Free trial of HootSuite Pro

HootSuite: Manage and Measure your Social Media

So did this help? Does anybody else use this bit of software? if so, are there any hints & tips you would like to share.

Thanks for reading/watching!

Cheers. Nigel

OptimizePress 2 – Featured Image

I have always found that I engage more on websites & especially blogs, when there are picture in the mix.

I personally am immediately put off from an article if there is just a massive big block of text!…..ironically at the end of it, it could have the meaning of life & the key to always looking 20….I would miss it !!

I just think this is the way things are going. We are so pressured with time & getting things done that some of us have become skimmers.


Your Visual ‘Breather’

So now, more than ever, I think pictures are important to people, especially when reading blogs….either just to give a visual clue as to what an article is about….or a visual ‘breather’ whilst we go through a longer article.

To this end I have been looking into & investigating adding ‘Featured Images’ in Optimize Press 2.

The reason being, is that this not only displays an image at the beginning of your post to welcome your reader…..but, somewhat more importantly, this image is shown next to your blog post on the Home Page when it becomes an older post.

This helps make your blog more colourful & inviting. It also helps those who will skim down looking for pictures & headlines that they are interested in or catch their eye.

Now given all I have said above, I doubt the majority of you have read my ramblings & instead just looked at the pictures above & then clicked ‘Play’ on the YouTube clip!! Shame on you!! (but obviously I wouldn’t be surprised!).

Anyway, below is a short video tutorial about adding ‘Featured Images’ in OptimizePress 2 & also how to easily scale them.


Pretty straightforward I think you will agree?

In my humble opinion, I just think that this makes blogs look so more inviting & professional.

What are your thoughts? Have you discovered anything that I’ve missed? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading/watching.


Categories in WordPress – Bulk Changes (& more)

Until about an hour ago I was under the impression that each post could be assigned 1 category. But this is incorrect! & in fact in the past I have often had the dilemma as to which category to put a post in when it could quite easily go in 2 (or more).

So why did I never try ticking more than 1 box!!!

This lead me to a conclusion (1.) & a discovery (2.):

1. Don’t Assume Anything! – This is probably the most important realisation. As human’s I think we tend to assume way too much & would rather muddle along instead of asking the question. Why would have I assumed this?

2. How to add various posts to another category (& more)

Basically, if you go to your ‘All Posts’ page, under each post there is an option of ‘Quick Edit’. This then allows you to do the following:

a) Change the post name
b) Change the post date
c) Add/Remove the post to various categories
d) Slug the post (whatever that means!? – I can see some more investigation ahead)
e) Tag’s
f) Change the posts status – published/draft/pending review
g) Allow/Deny Comments [tickbox]
h) Allow/Deny Pings [tickbox}
i) Make the post ‘Sticky’

I have been using WordPress for years & never knew this….I had seen ‘Quick Edit’ from day 1, but never investigated it & can only assume I became blind to it.

Aaaaaahhhh the good old human brain!!

It would have saved me hours over the years not having to go into each individual post. Doh !!

Oh well. On the bright side, I have saved hours going forward & hopefully, if you are reading this & didn’t know either I will have save you time also!.

So come on! Confession time….what have you sussed recently that you really should have known ages ago? Drop me a line.

Thanks for reading!