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Andrew Hansen – Forever Affiliate: The Official Start

Well this weekend took on a significant meaning for me.

Not only was it my Birthday (aaahhh Thanks !)

It was the years anniversary that I decided to make the internet my new career!

Well, a year on & where am I?, what have I tried? What have I learnt? I thought I would chronicle what I have done in the past 12 months to recap for myself (& any of you that are interested).


February 2013 – Andrew Hansen – Forever Affiliate.

This is what started it all off.

I honestly have no idea where I ‘discovered’ Andrew  & his course; but in fairness, does anyone remember after a few months where they discovered the courses they have taken part in. I have a feeling that it may have been ‘Martin Avis’ but I can’t be certain.

The basic course was about £46 & offered a video based education of how to set up mini-sites that were aimed at a certain affiliate product. As with most courses nowadays, the price was low to get you in…then came the big Upsell! – Personal Coaching across the course with various added bonus material etc etc – This came in at £335 !!…..quite a jump from what the starting point was!

But I went for it!

The course was pretty good to be fair. There was a lot in it & I did feel that I was getting additional info by being part of the ‘Platinum’ Coaching (pretty sure that wasn’t it’s name but you know what I mean!).

Writing this I realise how much this course taught me about all the basics.

The course foundation was to find affiliate products that have specific brand/product names e.g. Idol Lash, Venapro etc & then look at the number of searches on Google. If it fit certain criteria/searches it was then a potential.

More research was required which involved looking at the number of backlinks that websites on page 1 on Google had for this product, to see if it was possible to ‘outrank’ them.

The mini-sites were set up using ‘Thesis Theme’, which is a very clear WordPress Theme & how to construct your website (incl banners etc), to set it up as a review site. The domain name was encouraged to have the product name in the title.

Like a lot of courses, I would assume that it was aimed at the disgruntled people who want to quit their jobs but are still working. I was doing it full time! So I tried to make a real effort to forge ahead!

The overriding principle was to try & rank one website so it would get up in Google, start making money…..then, if the profit/traffic was there, rank another with the same product. The theory behind this being that you would get more of the Page 1 traffic share…..PLUS, if Google did decide to penalise you & reduce your ranking, that the overall effect to your portfolio would be reduced.

Looking back, it would seem that this was the start of people realising that Google rankings aren’t really reliable/predictable enough to base a business around.
Other method’s I have since encountered went in one direction trying to find traffic that doesn’t rely on Google at all……this method however, turned back in on itself & did the same as preached before, but did more of the same, trying to create it’s own safety net.

Well I went through the entire course & set up various websites. I couldn’t complete the course as such, as the last parts of it were all about the actions you should take when your mini-site is on Page 1 of Google.

This neatly ties in to one of the biggest discoveries I have made in my Online Journey!

Nothing Happens Overnight !!!

That is also one of the main reasons ‘Newbies’ flit between one programme & the next. They start, they do & then they constantly look…..& we are talking hourly….as to what has happened to their websites ranking & possible sales!!

Looking back in hindsight, this is hilarious!

If I did this now, manually, I would check every couple of weeks, maximum! because…..Nothing Happens Overnight !!!

The reason this rings so true is because I have gone full circle in this process. Back in Feb/Mar 2013 I set up various of these mini-sites, I added reviews, pictures, links, banners etc. I added new articles, I spent ages ‘Blog commenting’ on relevant blogs…..this I also checked daily to see if the backlinks had been picked up!! again, hilarious.

stops all this ‘Ranking Refreshing’ when starting new sites.

It is a free service that keeps track of where your websites are ranked in the SERPS based on your Keywords.
When you look at the Pricing Page is seems that it is just a paid service…..BUT, look just above all the options & you will see the link to the Free Account. Here you can track 10 keywords across as many or as little websites.
When you get an account you can set up alerts. I have done this for all my websites. Try & set up ‘Major’ change alerts! DON’T set up ones for a movement of 5 places etc!! You will get emails all the time!
Set up useful alerts such as notifying you if you ‘Go Into Top 10’…..’Drop Out the Top 10’……’Top 3’ etc.
When you start out, use ‘jumps’ of 25 or more.
Be warned, the way it has worked for me is don’t get disheartened by the negative movements, as in most cases, within a day or 2 the sites have usually gone back to where they were & usually higher!

Anyway, like so many people, the results weren’t quick enough, the course had finished & I continued my journey elsewhere.

Six months later, I looked back at those websites I set up & guess what!….they were all on Page 1 of Google !! They aren’t products with huge monthly global searches….but they are now usually bringing in over $100 per month.

I am still ‘tweaking’ them on probably a monthly basis, usually when I discover something new & think it may help the conversions on the site (more so than the ranking’s now).

This still males me chuckle to myself.


Because – Nothing Happens Overnight!!! & this is one lesson I have learnt & is relevant on all levels on the Internet Marketing scene, but I’ afraid that as much as using the internet to get answers is pretty much instant…..this is not how it works when using it to run a business!

It is especially true in my current new journey. If I keep on going, doing my best & taking action, then I shall get there….but it won’t happen overnight!

All Good Things Happens To Those Who Wait (& Do!)

Did any of this hit home? Have you done the same as me? Have you taken part in the same course? What are the lessons you have learnt along the way?

I would love to know, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!