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WordPress Backup – Automatic & Awesome!

Hi there & welcome…

I have been playing around with a LOT of plugins in the last few weeks! – for all sorts of things – trying to make my website faster etc.

The one thing I did notice was that there are a great deal of plugins available & the large majority are pretty poor & don’t really do what they say.


Every now & again you stumble across one that ‘Does what it says on the Tin’ & more besides & this post is about one of them!

UpdraftPlus – Link to the Plugin Website

The good news is that it is FREE ! – There is Premium version but you don’t need it for just the general backup’s (Premium is about £40). This would be good if you have a lot of similar websites so you can clone them & change accordingly.

Like I said in the video – I have the back up files going to my Dropbox account – which is also FREE – Bonus !! The free account is just over 5GB which is more than ample to store all the backups.

The great thing about this plugin, apart from the fact that it does it all automatically, is that it backs up all your plugins from that site.

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling & let you watch the video! – Please feel free to leave comments below – Cheers!!



Banners – How I Add Them….

Hi there…

Today I wanted to show you how I add Banners (& other graphics) to my website.

This method I picked up a few months ago & find it simple, very flexible & makes everything easier in the long run.

Rather than trying to describe it, I have made 2 video’s for your ‘Viewing Pleasure’ !!! Wehay !!

As outlined in the video’s, this method gives the following advantages:

1. You always have the banners on your website.
2. You can make sure they all open in a new window/tab (if required).
3. You have control over the size of them.
4. It makes it straightforward to disguise the affiliate links
5. You have total control as to how the links show up on your website.


Video 1 – Adding Banners (more control & flexibility)


Video 2 – Disguising Ugly Links


So that is the basics which should get you on your way……there are other tips & tricks using this method that are very useful which I will do another video about in the coming weeks….but for now, see how you get on with this & let me know if it helps!

As you will have noticed, the banner I set up in the above video’s  isn’t on my website anymore…it is just because I did no research on it & have no idea if I would want to promote it, it was just used ‘for show’.

Just drop me a line below & lets get discussing !

Thanks for watching!