Getting into the habit. Final Push. The End Game.

Well, this is it.

This is the last time that I have to shell out money on a training programme.

I have done it in the past & although I have learnt a lot, they really aren’t worth the promises that they make (& we won’t even go into the money!).

This time I have every confidence that I have made the right call……& if I haven’t, that will be it! (I will go it alone…I don’t mean give up). This is a years course called ‘Partnership to Success’…..& we are told that if we do everything to the letter & by the letter that we will be 100% guaranteed to be an online success.

John Thornhill is his name.

A welcome change that he is English (Sunderland), so no more US hype & pomp which is a relief in itself!

This blog is the result of Weeks One’s training…..something I could have done with my eyes shut quite frankly but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I think this is going to ramp up pretty quick.

I have decided to run 2 category’s within this blog from the outset…..

A – Beginnings – this will be my journey through the course & general IM comments etc.
B – What I learnt today – this will be a great resource for myself as I have learnt SO much over the last year, little tips, tricks & just how to do stuff, so I can keep a track of what I have learnt & also……more importantly, I will have a place to keep all this info….links & all.

Genius Idea.







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