How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 1

I have decided to run a series of posts looking at some of the people I have been following in the IM World. The aim is to bring you some of their articles that I found educational/inspiring & motivational.

My first is from an affiliate marketeer called Charles NGO.

I have no recollection where I stumbled across him, but have been following him for quite a while now & all he does is just give quality content based on his own experiences.

I thought I would take one of the 1st articles of his I read & give you its basics; along with my thoughts & experiences.

I am aware that this article says it is about ‘Affiliate Marketing’, which most are involved in, his expertise is in running campaigns (CPC) on various offers over various traffic sources; this isn’t what everybody does that is reading this, but the basic principles he is talking about, I feel apply to Internet Marketing in general:


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing

Well no prizes for guessing why I read it at the time! What Newbie wouldn’t?

He talks about what I have seen/witnessed first hand in this industry; that so many people want to make a career using the internet; they start in their droves with good intentions & aspirations spurned on by all the hype & the reported ‘ease’ of making a ‘six figure’ income online!

The reality is that thousand’s try……only a handful succeed & then even fewer stay.

But the ‘Online Career Dream’ is possible, no question, there are lot of people doing it…so what makes them different from the majority that fail?

In an attempt to help you become one of the few success stories, Charles outlined 12 lessons he wished someone would have taught him when he first stated:


Lesson 1 – Get Rid Of Excuses

Don’t make excuses before you even start!

“I don’t understand programming & graphics” “I have a job & kids” “I can’t concentrate”

Many people, in far worse starting positions that you, have succeeded. Keep that in mind.

Don’t complain about a problem. Work on finding a solution.

I love this quote & can honestly say that is what I now do. There is SO much information ‘out there’ that it is very rare that you can’t find somebody that hasn’t been in the same situation before you.

I have come across hundred’s of difficulties on my journey, but have never failed to resolve them.

Google it.

Their are millions of YouTube video’s, Forum posts etc that give you answers to an impossible array of issues & you will be gob smacked as to how specific they get. I have pasted in ‘error coding’ messages into Google & found answers.

For those things that are ‘specialist’, such as graphics, look at Fiverr or oDesk. For those unaware, Fiverr is a website full of different people offering to do things for $5!….such as design a banner, do testimonial video’s, design a logo etc. It is a great cheap resource for a newbie.

The foundation behind lesson 1 is basically, the only person that is responsible for your success or failure is YOU! Nobody else; so stop looking around for a scape goat.
If you want something bad enough & are prepared to put the hours in relentlessly & make sacrifices for as long as it takes…& then after that, give that little bit more…. you will succeed.
Anything short of this is pointless.



Lesson 2 – Failing & Losing Money

A lot of people who think this industry is for them aren’t just built for it.

A lot people have a low pain threshold. It hurts them too much if they try something that fails & that is then compounded when they lose a few hundred dollars/pounds trying it.

The internet is still the ‘Real World’ despite what people think. It is still a business. You will have to spend some money to make it a success.

The reality is that you have to spend money to test nearly everything you try. It makes no sense to spend money on a campaign that eventually fails, then just quit.

This isn’t a failure, you have collected data to help with your next test. Each test & failure gets you closer & closer to Lesson 3.


Lesson 3 – It Only Takes One Campaign

Don’t keep track of how many times you have failed. Nobody else does & nobody else cares.

Keep going. Your 1st winning campaign is the catalyst & tipping point for your success.

When you feel like giving up, just know that you are one campaign away from achieving everything you wanted.

This is very true. Without getting into all the fantastic motivational quotes that are out there, keep moving forward, don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as you are learning from them.

I personally look back all the time & actually laugh. A year ago I may have been doing something that I thought was a ‘winner’ at the time, but it never worked….when I look back at that time a year on, having learnt all those lessons along the way; to be honest I often cringe at the fact that I thought it might have worked knowing what I know now.


So they are the first three lessons from the original article interlaced with my own experiences. Do any of these ring true from you as a newbie or your time as one? I shall be releasing Charles next 3 lessons in a few days time interlaced with my own thoughts & ramblings. Make sure you sign up for my blog updates, so that I can notify you when I post Part 2 of this series.

Until then, thanks for reading & please feel free to comment below or share with however you think this may interest.

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