How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 2

Following on from where we left off….here is Part 2 of this article by Charles Ngo, coupled with my own thoughts/experiences.


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 2


Lesson 4 – Take Action & Be Relentless

Affiliate Marketing is hard to learn as there aren’t really any set blueprints to follow & therefore the failures hurt that much more.

The only real blueprint for success is to ‘attend class’ & train some more.

The reality is that you aren’t going to learn a lot from forums, e-books & blogs. Nobody is going to give too much away….why would they? Why would they want to create their own competition? A least not for free.

Making money online is a skill. It’s not one that is learnt overnight. It takes practice & a lot of failures.

Just get stuck in. Launch a campaign, learn from it, repeat. Do this over & over again until you make money.

This is what all successful people do. You will learn far more from spending $500 in various campaign than you will from spending $500 on most courses.

Everyone who is successful in this business has gone through this at some point.

I do agree with the above point’s wholeheartedly. I am doing this at present with a website that I have running outside of the P2S program. I know it will work, but my goodness is there a lot of expensive failures! But each time I dust me (& my bank account down) and try again! I will make it a success.


Lesson 5 – Drowning in Opportunity

IM is unique in some ways, in that there is not a lack of opportunities….but actually too many!

If your just starting a campaign, you’ve done your research & are all ready to go and then you hear about another opportunity that is ‘hot’, then you re-jig everything as it looks like this has more potential, or you quit halfway through your new campaign to do the same.

This is a real issue in the online World. There will always be something better lurking around the corner.

You need to set a plan & stick with it.

Learn to say ‘No’ !

Oh boy does this ring true in my experience. I work on 2 levels with this. I used to either just jump about between opportunities & never get started properly……or the alternative, which was also pointless, try & do both and end up with 2 diluted campaigns that served no purpose.


Lesson 6 – Who’s In Your Circle

You’re the equivalent of the 5 friends your closest to. Choose friends that themselves are living on the edge, facing their fears & pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Constantly give value to people without ulterior motives.

I put the above in red as I feel this is so key to making it on-line & also fits with what we are doing at P2S.

Learn to recognise the people that know their stuff & you can trust. Nurture relationships. Make friends & learn from others.

Be very aware of ‘Toxic People’. These can be described on many levels.

Avoid negative people who discourage you.
Avoid scammers & people who are going to screw you over. This fits with just taking recommendations from trusted friends etc as outlined above.
Avoid cockroaches – those that appear from nowhere when you start having success.

The above I think is more of a life lesson rather than a specific IM one. Surround yourself with positive influences. Get to know people & make friends/colleagues. Despite this industry seemingly being able to be run in 1 room sat on your backside, this is not how the real World works. Yes, connect with people on Social Media etc; but also try & actually have conversations with people & if at all possible, meet them face to face, it really does make a difference.

I think in the old days they called it networking!


So that concludes part 2 from this article, I hope you enjoyed it & are looking forward to the next instalment. What did you think? Does any of this ring true with your own experiences? Drop me a line & let me know.

Thanks for reading
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