How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing: 12 Lessons I Wish I Was Taught – Part 3

And were off again….Part 3 of this series. Here are the next 3 lessons……the remaining 3 will be out over the next few days!


How To Make It In Affiliate Marketing – Part 3


Lesson 7 – “I’m All In”

This is what I told myself over & over. Once I got into affiliate marketing I was going to give it everything I had – money, time & energy. Nothing else in my life mattered.

I sold everything I didn’t need. I saved wherever I could (eating in, not going out). Every dollar saved was a few more clicks for my various campaigns.

I’d spend Saturday night’s setting up campaigns instead of going to clubs. Instead of playing Xbox, I researched keywords.

Half-ass efforts gets half-ass results.

I can totally relate to what is being said here. I don’t think it is all about the money, it is the sacrifices you are prepared to make. For quite a while, if I am being honest, I drifted. It did do lots of work but it was a bit on this, here, a bit on this, there.

My issue was that at the end of the week I had the sense that I had done loads…..but I felt I had achieved very little.

I have only recently realised this & am currently remedying it. I now have a piece of paper beside me & track what I have done & the time it took; I can then look at it and see where I wasted time or got distracted.

The whole concept of “All In” is engrained in my outlook. This is what I WANT to do & by that token I HAVE to make it work. Period.


Lesson 8 – An Obsession With Learning

If you’re not learning, you’re dying.

I felt the above quote to be that important,that I picked it out & put it in red!

Research & learning is so important. There are so many good books out there that for the sake of $10 & a few hours, we can learn what took the author a decade to research.

Further than reading books; ask questions, network with people smarter than you, get a mentor, form a mastermind & attend conferences.

Learn everything about your industry.

Learn everything about your demographics. Do focus groups, read & participate in the forums, read magazines & watch commercials.

Outlearn your competition.

One of the main reasons I am loving all this at present & why it gives me a buzz & has lead me to work more hours than I have ever done, is that every day I am learning something every day & usually far more than just one thing.

These are the building blocks of knowledge in this industry. Every week goes by I add to my pot of information & every week more and more of the puzzle starts being solved.

There is no denying the puzzle is huge & constantly getting bigger & changing…..which is why the 1st sentence of this lesson is so important to remember.


Lesson 9 – Rigorous Testing

There  is always something to test; there is always something to improve.

Traffic sources, offers, images, headlines, landing pages, up sells, down sells, copy, colours, buttons, call to actions, countdown timers, bidding prices, age groups, interests, plugins……the list goes on & on.

If you can optimize properly, you will be able to make money. If you can make more than your competitors, you can spend more on traffic, products etc & reap the rewards.

In any given niche, 20% of the people are making 80% of the profits. Rigorous testing will help you get into the 20%.

I have been running various Facebook campaigns for sites that I have outside of P2S.

The testing talked about above really is important….& the scary thing is, there is SO many variables! and the only way to test properly is to change 1 or 2 things at a time…..then you have to let the campaign run for long enough so you get ‘statistically significant’ results (so not 1 day’s worth of clicks for £10!). 

The above is hard enough to do & takes considerable time. It is greatly exaggerated when each campaign is losing money whilst you are finding the formula.


So that is it for part 3. Did anything hit home? Do you do all the things he is suggesting?

Drop me a line below & share your stories.

Thanks for reading & remember to return for the 4th & final instalment of this little series.
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