Clicky Plugin by Yoast

Ha Ha !!

Well, you’ve got to laugh…..haven’t you!

Good old SEO Yoast they do a WP plugin bringing Clicky into WordPress……

Clicky Plugin by Yeost

Clicky is just another ‘version’ of Google Analytic’s. It is often used by affiliates as they want to track their site’s traffic BUT don’t want to be part of the whole ‘Google Circus’ !! I have been using them for months (& Google analytic’s…go figure!) & they are great. I have asked them a few questions & their reply’s have been personal, same day & very useful…….ironically, all but the YouTube question would have been solved by using this plugin!!

What does this mean?

It means no more p*ssing about with code. You just enter your Site ID, Site Key & Site Admin Key into the plugin & away you go!!

It even give you an option for tracking the redirect i.e. /GO/Affiliate Site.

Now I have spent many hours getting this sussed & find out it can be done by a Plugin!!

Well, I don’t really care. That was a learning code worth being on.

The only thing (I think!), it doesn’t track is people watching YouTube video’s……BUT I maybe wrong. Not sure how I will find out……but again….at least I now know how to do it.

The code for tracking embedded YouTube vid’s in Clicky is as follows:

<script src=’//‘></script>

<script src=’//‘></script>

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