Google Content Experiments & Google Analytics

This is a ‘Work in Progress’ update….I wait to see if it’s worked.

This has been set up on

I wanted to split the traffic 50/50 to see which layout worked better……& in the future, so change all sorts *****

I had been using ‘Split Star’ from The Trinity Code course I did…..& SS is shite!, it doesn’t split the traffic (I can see via Clicky) & the stats in SS are just not the same as Clicky….& I know who I trust more!!

So a quest… find a way of doing it. Then discovered that you can do this via Google Analytics – Content Experiments.

I set up analytic’s on SleepingDen as it hadn’t been done & then followed the step by step guide found on this website/link

I also used the WP Plugin to help add the code to the website…..but it didn’t work!! I tried all sorts…..then result, as follows:


1. Google Analytics
2. Select the website
3. Reporting Tab
4. Behaviour Tab on left – The Experiments
5. Create Experiment
6. Follow the steps  – Add the URL’s of the 2 pages & what your parameters are.
7. Then you get the code
8. This was where I was having a nightmare!! – You Need a Plugin:

WP Content Experiments & Event Tracking

9. This then prompt you to add another ‘plugin’/configuration:

Google Analytics for WordPress

This then links this bit of software to your Google analytics page/code. You grant access & then pick the right analytics account. This also means you don’t have to piss about trying to paste the code in the right place.
This bit of software is produced by SEO Yoast…..& I think I am now a convert to the SEO plugin over ‘All in One SEO’…..

10. So when the experiment is set up you need to paste some code into the site…..this is where the 1st plugin come in. Go to the ‘original’ page & you will see a box below the content…..paste the code only into this one!

11. Now go to the other/others pages & tick the box below the content…..BUT DON’T !! add the code.

12. Now go back to the Google Experiment tab & click ‘Revalidate’ & it should find all the code & start splitting the traffic! Boooooof !!

13. Also, in the Analytics plugin, there is an option to track inbound links as outbound…….this is where the whole ‘Clicky’ stuff comes & redirects.
You basically add the /GO/ to this so it tracks whatever this link is….the same way as I have done to get clicky to track clicks to the SW order page

This in theory works & has been set up……I shall update on this as I find out !!

A complicated day……but I do feel that I have achieved something that will be useful going forward!!…..& I am done with ‘Shit Star’. TFFT !!


* Page with No Ad’s v Ad’s
* Change the wording
* Text Links v’s Buttons
* Change the Headline
* Change Video
* Change Video Position

…..etc etc etc….

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