Google Content Experiments – UPDATE


I spoke too soon !

The Experiment seems to have been set up perfectly & seemed to be working….BUT.

The traffic figures just didn’t add up! Clicky showed just 17 visitors to the SleepingDen website for Friday 14th Feb, with the same set up in terms of advertising I had been seeing well over 100 visitors a day!

The weirdest thing was that none of the traffic I was getting from Facebook was showing up in Clicky & also the traffic from YouTube.

I don’t really have any explanation for this & despite trying to figure it out I just dumped the ‘Content Experiment’ & went back to using Clicky……this seems to have sorted the issue & now all the traffic is being logged again.

The other issue with the Google Analytics set up is that when it splits the traffic between the 2 pages, the ‘tracking’ code is just imppossible to decipher:


So you have no idea which page people are directed to & the same goes with the /GO set up, so there was no tracking of the clicks to the order page.

Pointless. So was dumped.

I may revisit in the future.

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