Setting up emails on iPhone (IMAP/POP)

I have done this before & all was fine…..this time I seemed to have a few difficulties.

So, due to this blog, I thought I would write it down so I will know next time.


Host Name: This is the name of the server you use –

Username: This is the email address you are using –

Password: This is the password that you set up in C-Panel when setting up the email address.

Outgoing Server – Same as above

Go with IMAP over POP

Use SSL….this is apparently more secure.

The Server Ports should be set up automatically.

NOW THE CLINCHER – This is what I had problems with…..on the iPhone, for the outgoing server, in theory you don’t have to enter the details of Username & Password as it says ‘Not Essential’ or ‘Not Required’

……that is rubbish!! Once I entered them in again, it all worked well.

To get all the relevant details from C-Panel, do the following:

1. C-Panel
2. Go To ‘Email Accounts’
3. Scroll Down –
4. On the right of the email account is a drop down that say’s ‘MORE’
5. Click Configure Email Account
6. Scroll down & you will see ‘Manual Settings’  – That is where all the information you need is.


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