WP Backup, Email Set up with D9 & Deleting Addons

  • WordPress Blog – Under ‘Tools’ there is an option to ‘Import’ or Export’….this is where you export a copy of your entire website as either a backup or to be able to import into another wordpress site.
    It is outputted in an XML file. Easy.
    I never knew this & have backed up all the websites that I ‘care’ about.
  • Email Set Up # 1 – If you have an addon domain with registered with one hosting Co you can actually set up a wordpress blog & email on another hosting site.
    This is what I had done. I had registered this domain (addon) with Hostgator then set this website up with D9.
    When I added an email account the messages failed.
    I spoke to D9 & they said I had to go into the MX Entry (in Mail on the c-panel) & change the email routing to Remote.
    This, or the alternative is to delete the addon domain from the other hosting account. See point below.
  • Deleting an ‘Addon Domain’ – This is actually easy & don’t do it using File-Zilla or File Manager in C-Panel.
    Basically, in ‘Domain’ in C-Panel, click on ‘Addon Domain’, then scroll down & you will see all the domains.
    One of the options on the right of each domain is ‘Delete’ – Bingo!!!





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